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Benjamin Bailey | Abby Rembold | Zach Rieth | JJ Wandikbo



Reimagining and redefining urban and rural continuum

From above the surface of our planet appears to be divided into four general categories. There are dense city centers, often located on coasts or near bodies of water. Surrounding them are the compact urban residential neighborhoods often scattered with parks and a mix of land uses. Continuing further outside the city center you reach suburban communities, where the homes were built in more recent decades and have more space in between them. Lastly surrounding all of that is the natural space, often forests or agricultural lands where small towns and people are sparse.

When thinking about our future needs of mobility, examining the changes and transitions that must happen over time is easier when space is defined more clearly. Different space requires different mobility solutions and by dividing our space into four definable categories we can redefine our current land use policy to fit the needs of the future.

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