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Diana Bolton

By embracing research of resilient systems and human ecologies, we evoke a New Americana for the Hamilton County Fair. 

The Future Fair Taskforce has enlisted DAAP MLA students to develop a masterplan for site improvements and increased programming of the Hamilton County Fairgrounds by calling for “a way forward”. The New Americana is a vision for weaving a new social fabric in the historic neighborhood of Carthage which refreshes current perceptions of the HCFG. The mission of this new and creative landscape is to enliven the HCFG as a communal space according to a resilient and human ecological framework. The urbanized space of modern Carthage little resembles its agricultural past, and the rural lifestyle is far removed from the current inhabitants’ lives. This stasis poses a new opportunity: to pivot the HCFG towards a new trajectory which is future-focused, research-based, and preserves its rich history within a modern framework suited for longevity, despite an unpredictable future of climate change. 

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