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Las Casas

Refugio Seguro

DeAngela Weakley

Post Disaster Prefabricated Shipping Container Homes

Las Casas Refugio Seguro is a post disaster prefabricated shipping container home community located in Las Casas San Juan. Once a natural disaster hits a community, homes and businesses are lost living families struggling and divested. Las Casas Refugio Seguro is a community for post disaster victims with 150 housing units with 142 units being single family and 8 units being multifamily. There is also a total of 18 offices for owners to move their businesses to. Las Casas also provides 3 different unit layout option for homes and offices to meet the needs of all families who maybe at need. The best part about Las Casas Refugio Seguro is that it can serve as long-term and short-term housing for tenants in need. Shipping container homes are stronger than typical construction, cheaper and more time efficient. This gives resident a fast, safe and cheap option for housing after a natural disaster has taken place. 

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