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Sustainable Re-envisioning of the Vietnam Neighborhood 

DAAPworks2021-Directors' Choice Award-26

Ryan Feist | Kevin Miller | Hannah Urbanski

San Juan’s Unshakeable Community

Vietnam is a neighborhood located within the San Juan Municipal Area that has been considered a battleground for housing rights. It sits along the coast of Bahia de Puerto Nuevo, is often hard hit by extreme weather events and has experienced harassment from both the municipality and developers to clear out this neighborhood and make room for resort style redevelopment. Our project focuses on incorporating flood resilient housing to replace the homes torn down in the past decades, as well as installing green features to assist with stormwater mitigation and further increase community cohesion. Another facet of our project will focus on creating a community council and land trust that will assure the community will always have a voice in the future of their home. This plan looks to firmly root the neighborhood by creating not just housing and appealing features, but community.

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