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Ryan Collingwood | Tia Deshuk | Max Merritt | Nate Weyand-Geise

Stabilizing Sprawl

Mobility within our ecological and social limits

Uptown’s future mobility is dependent on whether or not it embraces socially just and environmentally sensitive development decisions. Current job growth in the area suggests automobiles will continue to dominate the streets to meet the needs of daily commuters. Commuters leaving transit for cars exacerbates these challenges. Streets will become less safe and fewer people will choose alternatives to the personal safety and conveniences of an automobile. If Uptown continues to make auto-centric development decisions, the built form of our region will sprawl even further and will breach our ecological limits. The dense collection of people, goods and ideas will be spread even thinner and fail to meet society’s needs.


Uptown’s opportunity rests in its areas dense with people, jobs, and amenities that can make walking, biking, or scooting a viable, safe, and convenient mobility choice. Uptown, and its surrounding neighborhoods can stave off the continued sprawl of our region by offering compact living that outcompetes the conveniences of car centric development.

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