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Drew DeMarsh | Michael Dobler | Bryson Odum | B. Otto Weaver

Mind the Gap

Connecting institutional investment to social agency

As the Innovation Corridor is realized, we are coming to a critical (tipping) point for residents and employees of Uptown in regards to both socio-economic mobility + the environment. The construction of the Innovation Corridor projects are set in stone, however, the effect on the residents is not. The goal of our project is to provide a variety of ways the community can prepare for the influx of growth and ultimately come out on top.The innovation corridor (district) plan is well underway and is well-suited to fill the gap created by depressed real estate values and the need to attract cutting-edge industry to Cincinnati. Although the district will constitute a cohesive area for business, it does not address the needs of the residents who live proximate to the development. This study is the result of examining the near future impacts of development in an area of mixed access to social mobility.

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