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Solarize Toa Baja

Lauren Kirgis | Erin LeFever | Jasmine Savitri

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Solarize Toa Baja is an initiative which seeks to provide residents and small businesses in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico with reliable and low-cost solar energy. The history of electrical outages due to hurricanes, unreliability, and high cost of electricity provided by the public energy utility (PREPA) have generated a need for alternative sources of energy. Our mission is to utilize solar energy to establish energy independence in Toa Baja that is not subject to the instability of PREPA. We have created three phases to do this and the program is designed to work with the community to ensure the sustainability of the program. Through this project, we will establish energy independence, equip residents with energy efficient appliances, provide education and job training, and create natural disaster resiliency. This bottom-up approach to democratizing energy infrastructure begins by giving the power back to individuals.

Our full report can be found here.

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