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Horticulture  Capstone

Reimagining Potters Field Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring 2021 | Horticulture Capstone Project

The 2021 Senior Horticulture Capstone Project focused on Potters Field cemetery located at 4592 Guerley Road in Cincinnati’s West Price Hill community. The cemetery is publicly owned currently there is no budget for maintenance of the grounds. The cemetery is overgrown with invasive plant species such as bush honeysuckle and purple winter creeper. The cemetery is located between two public parks and there are opportunities for using the space as a public greenspace. 

Students received input and guidance from a community based focus group that consisted of community leaders, City of Cincinnati employees, and Park Board leadership to identify site challenges and to provide potential solutions for restoration. Students conducted research and created three horticultural scenarios that would guide the transition to a safe, clean, dignified public cemetery that serves as a vibrant public greenspace. 

Our Projects

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Leah Meeks | Jessica Whitlock | Sydney Wissmann


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