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Mira Carl | Andre Johnson | Breanna White

Enhancing Uptown Cincinnati through Sustainable Design

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Mobility Hive

We seek to improve the quality of life in Uptown Cincinnati through human-centric innovations that address needs related to people-oriented, multi-modal mobility. We begin by creating a framework for Uptown, defining the region as a metaphorical “Mobility Hive” with four main principles: People, Place, Network, and Industry. We then identify strategies which all relate to improving quality of life for residents and supporting more sustainable industry in the Uptown region. Therefore, with Industry being a main driver in Uptown, large institutions, specifically the University of Cincinnati, play an integral role as the catalyst for the activation of the identified strategies, acting as the “Queen Bee'' of the Mobility Hive. Acknowledging the fact that a large amount of Uptown’s population is students, staff, or others connected to the University, we want to provide residents with a range of necessary amenities for a well-connected, accessible, and sustainable environment. To achieve this, we institute strategies at various scales, to show how we want a greener, more flexible, and multi-modal city that will support and motivate future development.

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