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Dnyanada Nevgi | Atikul Khalid

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Public spaces in San Juan have great socio-economic and environmental importance for the city and its residents as well as for the tourists. Flooding due to sea level rise and storm surge has become a common threat to the island. Much of San Juan was flooded by 2017 hurricane Maria and most of the Puerto Ricans experienced a couple of months without power.

This project aims to design public spaces in San Juan that can be resilient to natural disasters like hurricanes and tackle issues of climate change. This waterfront and coastal project combines climate resilience and green infrastructure strategies with spaces for interaction and recreation. It not only provides resilience toolkits and strategies to be implemented throughout the San Juan coastline, but also creates educational opportunities for learning about our natural environment and city systems. It encourages public participation along with creation of job opportunities for the local people. 

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