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Xingchang Wang

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is experiencing rapid urbanization. In the past, Puerto Rico was heavily reliant on agriculture but now it is relied on service sectors such as tourists business. The benefits of urbanization in San Juan is greater than the costs it incurs. Urbanization has brought more high-rise buildings and fancy hotels, many developers would choose to start their business in the areas. However, lack of public transit system is the issue for the city development. Because of huge number of people in San Juan, the emergence of monorail might be a solution to dispersing the densely populated areas in the areas around San Juan. By setting up multiple monorails, it could link the central parts of one metropolitan to the outskirts of places; It could transport passengers among places ranging from airports, harbors, railways and other lines bound for external hubs; It could also serve as a central hub connecting essential daily places like large-scale shopping mall, entertainment park, large-scale airports or inter-college lines.

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