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Ismael Hassan | Weston Rich

About the Project

San Juan, Puerto Rico is in the midst of a significant rebuilding effort after Hurricanes Irma and Maria made landfall in 2017. The hurricanes destroyed homes, closed schools, and left behind a path of destruction costing billions of dollars. Now, the island continues to build back after these storms. Tax credits, rezoning plans, and other development incentives encourage inward investment that prioritize tourism and luxury development. Citizens have expressed concern with new development in the capital city and worry that some projects will degrade the island’s natural beauty and fail to service local residents.

One solution: urban acupuncture. Urban acupuncture is a socio-environmental theory that leverages small-scale urban design principles to transform the larger surrounding area. By focusing on a proposed development site near Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, urban acupuncture can be leveraged to relieve stress caused by new development and support a more inclusive and resilient neighborhood.

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