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School  of  Planning

Impacting Urban Futures

The several programs in the School of Planning will join DAAPWorks 2023, exploring issues that impact the Cincinnati region, its communities, the economic and social development, and the natural and built environment.

The motto of the School of Planning at the College of DAAP is "Impacting Urban Futures." Impacting Urban Futures for the faculty and the students means providing an inclusive environment where innovation and freedom of intellectual inquiry flourish for livable and sustainable futures that would impact real people and real communities. We celebrate here and in the building the exhibitions of the final works of the various undergraduate and graduate programs the school offers.

Capstone Project

Professors Xinhao Wang and Shilpa Mehta have directed the Master of Community Planning Capstone. This year the terminal studio explores a climate-resilient future for Cincinnati and the metropolitan region. Cincinnati has been considered a climate haven by national scenario studies. Therefore, the city and the metropolitan region must be readied to receive climate migrants and be more resilient to our climate-related issues. The Capstone focused on climate-driven migration to the greater Cincinnati metropolitan region, focusing on building regional climate resilience and the factors affecting it while exploring the region's growth potential and testing the feasibility of climate resilience approaches in this context dynamic. Each student has proposed an innovative idea to enhance regional climate resilience and develop an actionable playbook as a community planning and urban design tool.

Capstone Project 

The Master in Landscape Architecture capstone, led by Professor Barry Kew, focused on the planning and design of a 1.86-mile segment of the Wasson Way trail that will extend the current Wasson Way trail westward toward Xavier University and Martin Luther King Drive. The design challenge is to integrate a series of mini forests to mitigate climate change, emphasizing educating the public about the value of these ecosystems. The capstone worked within a collaborative group, representing the Wasson Way Landscape Committee, Tri-State Trails, UC faculty from Linder College of Business, and the School of Planning, all leveraging expertise and skill sets targeting ecological and recreational corridor design.

Senior Capstone Project

The Bachelor of Urban Planning and Urban Studies students, under the leadership of Professors Leah Hollstein and Hyesun Jeong, have explored the Future of the Bridge Corridor in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The two capstones, with different approaches related to their individual aims and missions, focused on rethinking Hybrids as multi-scalar elements that proactively organize and aggregate parts of a holistic city. The studios designed Hybrids to generate new comprehensive urban morphologies while investigating new urban programs and systems that synthesize diverse communities and economies into a comprehensive, intensive, and emergent urbanistic project.


Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone horticulture students partnered with the Clifton Heights, University Heights, Fairview (CUF) Residents Association to develop a vision for an ecologically sustainable dog park in Fairview Park. The goal is to use native plants, manage pollutant runoff with green infrastructure, and develop management strategies to drive long term success.

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