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Bringing Change to the CROWN: 
Mill Creek Extension as a User Experience

Spring 2021 | Master of Landscape Architecture Capstone

Instructor | Prof. Barry Kew

Landscape Architecture combines art and science in its continuum of design process. As a studio that builds from past course work, this capstone also incorporates current research interests and skills in a scholarly effort to establish innovative design. This capstone continues the sequence of a co-requisite with seminar where literature review is emphasized through structured research questions targeting qualitative and quantitative understanding of Landscape Performance. Exploration of materiality and spatial composition focus on landscape function and landscape experience. Working with SOP’s Mill Creek Cluster Group, this studio is asked to develop site specific study of an extended trail system of the CROWN along the Mill Creek. Designers explore how landscape change can be measured through indicators of Ecosystem Services. Final design scale resolution is represented by strong graphic communication describing how the proposed landscape functions and how it is experienced. 

Our Projects

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