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About the Project


Located in Louisville Kentucky, Rubbertown is an industrial site that runs along the Ohio River and is home to about 24k residence and about 10k workers. While the history and aesthetic are what keeps people coming back to the area, the negative environmental and health effects are the cause of what is driving people away.

In order to help the neighborhood grow and flourish like it is meant to, green infrastructure is being proposed in an effort to improve the quality of life. This can be achieved by establishing green gateways along the main corridors. Some examples of green infrastructure on this site include but is not limited to; pollinator gardens, permeable pathways, native vegetation, public art andeducational opportunities.

The Process.

Rubbertown Video

If you would like to watch a short ten minute video on green infrastructure design in Rubbertown, please watch the video below.

project by Meghan Cleary

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