Senior Capstone Project

Bachelor of Urban Planning

Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies


Community with
Affordable Housing in Over-the-Rhine

Spring 2020/BUP and BSUS Senior Capstone Project

There is a deepening affordability crisis in Over-the-Rhine (OTR). This studio project focuses on the persistent erosion of ‘sense of community’ in OTR due to the displacement/replacement of low-income residents. This is amplified by lack of access to social and community resources such as healthcare, transportation, education, household services/goods and recreation. This studio project worked on strategies for [re]building community in OTR, not just providing affordable housing. 
This website outlines six strategic visions based on future scenarios that anticipate short and long-term changes in the socio-economic conditions of this community in OTR. These visions have been created by the Spring 2020 Bachelor of Urban Planning and Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies students, supervised by Prof. Shilpa Mehta from the University of Cincinnati and supported by Stephanie Sweeney. This project was initiated by Cornerstone Renter Equity and included collaborators from OTR Community Housing, Model Group, Preservation of Affordable Housing and the City of Cincinnati.

Our Projects

Encouraging equitable development to strengthen community and increase opportunity
within Over-the-Rhine.

Kayla Kellar | Clare Colvin | Samantha Hoffman


Through a holistic design approach and the strategic addition of affordable housing, Over-The-Rhine has the potential to reverse gentrification.

Joshua Anderson | Catherine Clarke | Ellis Fowler | Yiyi Wang


By prioritizing affordable housing development, Over-the-Rhine can become a desirable and equitable place for all.

Griffin Ritze | Jasmine Metcalf

project 5 image.jpg

Providing adequate resources for residents of Over-the-Rhine to utilize while making housing and transportation accessible both financially and physically.

Alec Ochs | Nik Obednkovski

A series of places that encourage neighborhood cohesiveness and interaction, community-oriented businesses, and inclusivity in Over-the-Rhine.

Chris Henderson | Junlin Li | Anthony Scheffler | Ryland West


Implementation of affordable housing in Over-the-Rhine that is well-served by parks, transportation, social services and shared spaces.

Billy Dinan | Jessica Hufnagle | Laura Trendler

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